Hi, I am SSEURKI (a korean word which means “garbage” or “trash”).

My drama life started last 2009, and I can clearly remember that the first drama that I watched was He’s Beautiful and all else forbids I was damn crazy over it. All three-leading men took my soul away.

This blog will be a collection of reviews to all the dramas (kr, jp, chi and more) that I watched, and will watch in the future. Some reviews might be biased and some might not make sense (most of the time it will not) but I will try my best to convey the thoughts that I have for all dramas that I will be making reviews in the future.

/reviews/ • these are my personal impressions and evaluations over a drama’s content, characters, plot and techniques. Some of my reviews maybe subjective that I might explore it in more detail, that it will be longer and might lead to analysis. (don’t worry, i will put disclaimers if I ever make it into an analysis instead of a review.)

Whatever I right here are my personal thoughts, and it might different from what you think. I might like something that you don’t like or the other way round. I just want to share my feelings, because who doesn’t need drama buddy especially where you’re having a drama feels overload.

Let’s all be trash for oppa!