[rush review] Pretty Li Hui Zen

She Was Pretty 15



Well, I am just gonna make this review short because I feel like there is nothing much to say about it. Not that I hated the Chinese version of ‘She Was Pretty’, it’s just that I got bored half way thru.

So, before I start let me just remind everyone that I might have a comparison between the Korean version and the Chinese one. However, I will try to avoid it and focus on the better parts of this drama.

The Characters

Honestly, the cast was awesome. I don’t have any complaint about it. Though there are awkward moments for Bai Haoyuo. Sometimes his acting feels off, not that I am a professional. There are times that I don’t feel his acting.

Though, I must say Peter Sheng’s smile is sweet and he is so cute (well, small). Also, maybe this is one of the dramas that the second lead didn’t snatch me. Don’t get me wrong Lin Yimu (Zhang Bin Bin) have his own moments but Zhang Bin Bin remains the cold guy from Love o2o (I am biased).

Li Hui Zen (Di Li Re Ba) is indeed a sweetheart. She’s the prettiest and her eyes are beautiful. Well, she owned her character well. She’s got her own style, had her own moments that made me love her even more. In short, she’s a beaut. Though, I honestly liked her hair curly better.

Xia Qiao (Li Xi Rui), I always hated this character since even in Korean version especially those times where she’s getting mad over Li Hui Zen for talking to her. I mean, bitch you’re the one that lied yet you’re the one getting angry. Ugh! Anyways, looks like her character is effective that I honestly want to strangle her.

The 40-episode Drama

Halfway through the drama, I was skipping some parts because I got really bored. Though they didn’t change anything regarding the plot but added some few cliches but 40-episodes isn’t the best idea at all. I mean the length of each episode is 45 minutes which is pretty long. Though I managed to finish everything but I wasn’t really satisfied. Maybe I wanted fewer episodes but more significant scenes.

It didn’t give any impact, tbh. Though remakes should add their own trademark instead of just remaking everything. I mean that’s what made it boring.

Will I rewatch it? Definitely, NO! It isn’t my cup of tea. I am not saying that it is the worst, it’s just something that isn’t for binge watching.

Originally, I watched it because I kind want to make a comparison review between the Korean and Chinese but halfway I have to change my mind. I saw that it didn’t give any impact, so I had to brush off the idea.

She Was Pretty 6

cuties >.<!


Closing words

Well, I didn’t love it but I don’t hate it either. I’m in the middle and I can’t decide which side I am on. All I can say is that I like the casting and setting. I think they did a good job while owning the characters.

trash level: 3.0/5.0


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