Refresh Man (2016); thoughts and feels


Absolutely me, while thinking about Aaron Yan.

I’m a year late watching this drama along with Aaron Yan’s hiatus and issues that were encountered because of this drama, but as the saying goes better late than never. Refresh Man is full of fluff, from the first episode until the last second of the last episode was definitely full of squeals. I am a sucker for fluffs and this drama definitely gave me those. Aaron Yan and Joanne Tseng carried their roles very well. It’s a romcom that I would definitely re-watch.  Though there is only a few Taiwanese drama that I watched nowadays, but Refresh Man was worth a try plus it’s Aaron Yan. For all other reasons, Aaron Yan is the main character. I mean who doesn’t love Aayan (i love to call him AAYAN or Ah Bu)?



  • First of all, the characters. I absolutely loved and enjoyed every character in this drama, all are so cute and adorable and awesome plus Aayan and Joanne. Everyone compliments with one another, there was no character that gets left behind. Everyone had their own role to play, and a character to portray which makes the drama more interesting. CEO Ji Wen Kai plus Sales Team 3 and Ai Sha are a match made in heaven.
  • Some may say that the cold-heartless CEO role is so overrated and Aaron Yan has been having this role for a few times already, but I say I don’t really care. It fits him well, what can you do? And yes, Aaron Yan as Ji Wen Kai was a superb hot and steaming good choice.  My heart and soul were definitely jumping for joy, I honestly cannot hide my smiles and heart-eyes when I watching the drama. He may not be the best actor in Taiwan, but Aaron knows his game too well. Too much feels for this young and bright CEO. And he looks so adorable and quirky when the scenes from high school, Ji Wen Kai high school version with that old converse shoes, folded sleeves of his uniform and bangs down hairstyle is perfect. I had too much imagination about that high school boy.


    high school vers. Ji Wen Kai & Zhong Yu Tang. Aaah, that smug faces. I am in love.

  • The flashbacks from high school. The scenes that Ji Wen Kai and Zhong Yu Tang’s shared memories from their high school lives is a sucker. I loved how they incorporated the scenes to the present times. Showing the playful side of both individual alongside with their unspoken feelings for each other. The high school puppy love that was fast forward to 10 years after.
  • The bond between Zhong Yu Tang and Huang Jia Ying. Their friendship was heartwarming. Also, I loved how they showed the positive attributes of being a single working mom, even the pros, and cons where shown. Refresh Man didn’t underestimate what mother can do for his child.
  • The fair game between Ai Sha and Yu Tang. I was already given that Ai Sha fell in love with Ji Wen Kai, but it never occurred to Yu Tang to be jealous and ballistic about Wen Kai and Ai Sha’s closeness (even if Ai Sha is Ji Wen Kai’s secretary), Yu Tang never doubted Ai Sha and in return Ai Sha never gave Yu Tang any reason for Yu Tang to be jealous, which is really good since this only shows that women aren’t all the jealous and possessive type, showing that women can be fair when it comes to their feelings.
  • The face squishing, there were a lot, where Ji Wen Kai or Zhong Yu Tang would squish the latter’s face. It is cute and it somewhat gave Refresh Man a unique trademark.
  • Their kisses. I don’t know but I am absolutely smitten by their kisses. I get giddy over it. And the camera works really helped to give their kissing scenes a cloud-9 heaven feeling. (PS. even watching the behind the scenes of their kissing scenes are really something) 
    WHAT I REALLY DON’T LIKE?I’m just gonna sum up the things that I wasn’t really favored on since there are only a few things that somehow gave me some meh throughout the drama:
  • First, the drama didn’t really show what happened to Ji Wen Kai during the 10 years that he was gone, maybe a little flashback of his time was lacking. It would be interesting to see him succeed while seeing his struggles.
  • Next, the ending. It’s somehow a cliffhanger to give that ending. The fluff was too much but it certainly drops in the last scene. The ending left me wanting for more. The drama ended way too early haha
  • Ji Wen Kai & Wang Zhi Yu’s story. After what Zhi Yu did, Wen Kai already forgave him. No questions ask or whatsoever, which is very unrealistic and annoying at the same time.


    They are the cutest. Huuuuuu


I am undeniably smitten and still head over heels for this drama. Probably, this will be one of my most favorite and surely one of the dramas that I am re-watching in the future. and I am recommending this to everyone.

TRASH LEVEL: 3.7/4.0


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