Justice Prevails; A review for Solomon’s Perjury

Solomon’s Perjury marking its ending with a rating of 0.8% – relatively a low average rating for a cable drama. Solomon’s Perjury — an underrated film filled with excellent cast and exciting plot.


cast during the script reading

ADAPTATION; yay or nay

I don’t know if there are hidden curses behind adaptations, but somehow viewers aren’t always amused to this type of dramas. I don’t know because of the expectation level or they don’t just want to stain their biases towards the original ones.

Honestly, when you read the plot itself, it doesn’t have anything special about it, you can’t expect something about it but as you watch it from episode to episode, then definitely that’s the time where you can say that this drama is really good.

This drama could or couldn’t be someone’s type of drama but in my own point of view, I see this drama as a timely drama. School setting, new faces and a mystery that needs to be unraveled. Who wouldn’t be excited if this is what you will get from watching Solomon’s Perjury?

In all angles, Solomon’s Perjury will relatively get a high rating from me, you’ll understand as I share what I felt during the time that I was watching it.


official poster


It is a mystery, a school themed drama with lots of suspense. I AM THRILLED. It was a long day at work when I decided to find something interesting to watch when I get home, that’s where it all started. Thanks to my boredom that day that I got interested with Solomon’s Perjury.

I honestly didn’t know that it was an adaptation until I researched about the cast. But without knowing that was an adaptation, it already got my attention.

So while I was watching the first episode, it was already a loud bang from this drama series, surprises and questions that left me or maybe some of you in a mini heart attack stage. I think I can say that all of its episode endings are cliffhangers (fight me on this one, if this ain’t true).

The plot is really surprising in my opinion, you need to guess what’s going to happen next but then you’ll have your answer right away that will lead you to think of another question again. It’s kinda confusing, I know but that’s what I thought while I was watching it.

Per episode, you’ll get another mystery to unveil, even if the only mystery that they were trying to solve is “Why did Lee So Woo die?” — the only reason as to why this one hell ass of drama is existing.



In my opinion, it was a good gamble for the director to cast new faces for this drama, the actors and actresses of this drama possess talent which make it more interesting. New faces with strong personalities.

Many famous actors and actresses declined to be the lead roles. and I am really thankful that they did because it only gave way to the new faces and all I can is that they gave justice to the roles given to them. Some of the cast might be familiar from other dramas, but mostly are young rising actors that need more love and recognition from the audience.


Okay, all of the twists and turns of this drama makes me cringe. Surprise after surprise, it was realy nerve wracking watching each episode. I really like how they try and make the story as catchy as possible, and as a viewer I did enjoy the thrills that it gave.

As a viewer also, you were bound to guess what would happen next and it will damaged you if your expectation were far from reality. Kudos to the writers and the whole production team for making this series a unique one apart from being a remake.


Most k-dramas nowadays are centered to cutesy romance and couples cuddling, what I love Solomon’s Perjury that despite it is a highschool setting drama, is that it still didn’t join the bandwagon of trying to push an awkward highschool in the setting.

I find it cute that Seo Ji hoon’s character had a cute little crush on Ko Seo Yeon, watching how he looks forward and prepare on going to school with Seo Yeon will really make you day.

With friendship being the center of the plot, I love how each character has it own role to portray. From being strangers to friends, each character grew up from the nutshell that they are in.


All-in-all, I would highly reccommend this drama especially to those people who are sick of watching akwaradly cute romance, from loveteams that sometimes doesn’t compliment each other.


Trash Level: 4.5/5.0


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