My Annoying Brother (2016) – Review


A mixed of everything that I need in my life when watching a movie.


the annoying brothers that melted me. SOBS.


I was not really interested when I first heard the plot of the story. All I thought was, it will be same old tragic movie but something got me interested into watching this film which is the cast. I mean, this is a perfect combination of actors & actresses. Who can even say no to Jo Jung Suk plus Do Kyungsoo plus Park Shin Hye — NEWS FLASH: NO ONE!


Lol. One of the things that I was complaining about while watching the movie, was how ugly Go Doo Young’s hair is, i mean damn that hairstyle needs to go away. Whoever is the culprit for that hair cut, needs to be in jail. PRONTO! That really frustrated me while I was watching the film.

But, Go Doo Sik’s fashion is the BOMB. You hear me? Fine man in suit got my knees weak. It was an extremely a great job giving him those printed flannel shirts and uncommon colored suits. Thank you heavens for the stylist.


Do you get what I am talking about?


They broke every limb in my body. How could they hurt me like that? Hyung is a family-centered film that WILL melt your heart.

If you’re a softie like me, then prepare your boxes of tissue because tears will be running down your face. First few minutes of the movie were extremely calm, and I was laughing really hard to Jo Jung Suk’s character. He extremely owned the character. Even the type of language and tone the movie used was light but was mixed with tons of cursing. It is actually my cup of tea.

This film made me so happy in every little way because the only love existing here is the love for the family which is rarely seen in big screens nowadays, like for example there are movies that are also family-centered but still have love stories in between, which makes MY ANNOYING BROTHER special, it is family-centered as presented to public and still family-centered until the end of the film. No hidden agendas within, or fillers of sudden bloom of true love but instead a love that lasts –  a long-lasting love that is present with in family. A comedy movie that will give you tears.


Go Doo Sik

The Annoying Older Brother who melted every living cell in my body. He is the typical bad brother character where he’ll turn soft for his beloved younger brother. Go Doo Sik’s struggles were inspiring that even he has an ill-fated relationship with Go Doo Young, and even if he has an upfront face of a tough man, his soft side was still overflowing that I was drowning with my own feels. He hated his brother but as the movie progresses, cliche may it seems but the hate was turned into love. He is protective, lovable, funny, and extremely annoying.

HE was annoying that I don’t want him to let go, annoying to the point that his character is so on point and the perfect Jo Jung Suk is playing that character. The awkward roles that make Jo Jung Suk a versatile actor, I’m sure everyone was giggly over his Chef character in Oh! My Ghostess. He is always cute and manly and I don’t understand how is that allowed?

Go Doo Young

The Annoying Younger Brother who I just want to hug and cuddle. He is the depressing one, with no happy cell existing in his body instead he was full of hate to the people and the world itself except his judo coach, Lee Soo Hyun. I can clearly see where was that hate was coming from. He was suffering from darkness and got his personal pains to face.

He is also a softie who pretends to be hard. He is the younger brother who I always invision, the kind of brother who always look up to their “hyungs”, the cutie patoties who follow them around. Doo Young’s love for Doo Sik is unconditional, at first he was trying to shove him away but in the end, love and blood was thicker than water once again.

Doo Young was very annoying, annoying on how he is so soft and mushy to his Doo Sik hyung, even if he calls him bastard you can still feel that tinge of love that he has.

**spoiler alert!

For example, at the part where him and Doo Sik were talking in their front yard, talking about how he misses going to sauna. That also made Doo Sik, stone heart melt. They just make my heart ache so much. I just want them to be happy. 😦



lowkey denying that he has a brother. awwwee.

Lee Soo Hyun

God! I love her so so so much. Okay, this may sound so biased since I am personally a Park Shin Hye fan. BUT! Lee Soo Hyun itself is a goddess! She is the epitome of optimism. She was the middleman between Doo Sik and Doo Young. Her personality in the movie gave additional color to the film. Soo Hyun as a coach to Doo  Young and a friend at the same time. She was the one encouraging Doo Young to be better and be positive.

To sum it up, Lee Soo Hyun is the friend that everyone needs in their life. The ones that are worth to keep.


if you don’t love her after this line then I don’t know what will. Woot.

Dae Chang

I love his existence in the movie. The annoying yet supportive neighbor. He puts life and laughter to the film, which a very nice idea. He balanced the heavy tension between other character’s conflicts. Dae Chang just left a tinge in me that make me want to protect him.


Prepare a box of tissue and you heart. Protect your soul as well.

Trash Level: 3.0/4.0



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