[rush review] Pretty Li Hui Zen

  Well, I am just gonna make this review short because I feel like there is nothing much to say about it. Not that I hated the Chinese version of 'She Was Pretty', it's just that I got bored half way thru. So, before I start let me just remind everyone that I might have … Continue reading [rush review] Pretty Li Hui Zen


Justice Prevails; A review for Solomon’s Perjury

Solomon’s Perjury marking its ending with a rating of 0.8% – relatively a low average rating for a cable drama. Solomon's Perjury -- an underrated film filled with excellent cast and exciting plot. ADAPTATION; yay or nay I don’t know if there are hidden curses behind adaptations, but somehow viewers aren’t always amused to this … Continue reading Justice Prevails; A review for Solomon’s Perjury